Proofs of Concept and Pilots

Rapidly take your ideas to fruition

A great idea is just an idea — until you objectively prove that it can work in a real-world setting.

Our Proof of Concept (PoC) and Pilot Development offering allows you to rapidly take your ideas to fruition. Even if you only have a rough wireframe, checklist, or initial vision, our team of architects will collaborate with you to iterate quick mockups that will allow you to assess your product’s feasibility and show its promise to potential investors and stakeholders.

Why Titan Data?

Flexible engagement models
Flexible Engagement
technical skills
Wide Range of Technical
Skills and Experience Levels
Cost efficient
and Reliable

We help you take your product from idea to reality so you can assess its feasibility and potential, as well as identify likely challenges and opportunities for improvement.

Our PoC and Pilot Development Process

Requirement Gathering
Requirement Gathering

A clear set of parameters are defined and project requirements are gathered.


A prototype is built to show its design, information architecture, codes, and more.

ROI/Value Assessment
ROI/Value Assessment

A clear roadmap is prepared for assessing the product’s ROI or value.

Minimum Viable Product
Minimum Viable Product

An MVP is developed with a bare set of features to determine viability.


The pilot is rolled out for live implementation


Users test the pilot to determine its potential and any opportunities for improvement.

Benefits Delivered

Rapid product
Rapid Product
minimal investment
ROI Validation with
Minimal Investment
Increased predictability Making
Increased Predictability
and Success
Risk and opportunity
Risk and Opportunity

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