AI Made Smarter

Leverage our patent-approved (US011410097B2) AI accelerator and digital transformation enabler.

TRIM Capabilities

Ability to smartly interpret job requirements (keeping in mind current skills/tools) and share to accelerate sourcing

Ability to source the most qualified candidates using a patent-approved (US011410097B2) systematic process

Ability to select candidates from current high demand market trends of digital-savvy workforce and get their loyalty

Titan Recruitment Intelligence Manager (TRIM)

TRIM is our patent-approved (US011410097B2) solution that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable stakeholders to use a single source of truth, which can help streamline analytical models for more informed decision-making.

  • Creates unambiguous interpretations of job requirements eliminating human errors
  • Uses Data Science to understand patterns and trends to uncover deep insights
  • Reduces sourcing time for recruiters by automating the process with minimal human supervision
  • Elevates throughput across all stakeholders
  • Uses Machine Learning to contextualize documents and build inference models, thereby verifying and validating from external data points
  • Reduces sourcing costs

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