Our practices in IT development, data analytics, software architecture and integration have been the engine of our success. Over the past decade, we have continually innovated and developed expertise in:

Digital Product Innovation

Explore every opportunity to create value across your entire product development cycle. Build game­-changing products and offerings through our expert solutions and services.

Big Data & Analytics

Build your enterprise’s competitive edge in today’s dynamic market by leveraging the power of Big Data with Advanced Analytics.

Data Science As A Service

Titan Data’s “Data-Science-As-A-Service” allows businesses to leverage our team of data experts and data scientists to unlock hidden value from their data using infused Data Science and Ma-chine Learning technology solutions.


Customer Experience Management

Smart Connected Devices


Airlines, Banking, e-Commerce, e-Tailers, HealthCare/Ins, ISP, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Retail, Telco.


Swift, Android, Objective-C, HTML5, CSS3, Angular JS, Neo4J, Graph Databases, Node JS, Java, PHP.


Iperf, Gimbal, Sensors, Graph/Chart, Lambda, QR Reader, Amazon Echo.




We leverage new technologies and your existing systems to create optimal business architectures, aligning our services with your unique practices and need­-state:



Staff Augmentation

Our team of technical experts can augment your IT operations’ scale and capabilities, helping you manage your entire application environment when you need them, as you need them.



Project Solutions

We provide enterprises with the right technology and expertise that they need to accomplish any project—be it short term or long term—while remaining focused on their scope, time, and budget.



Global Delivery

Our offshore consultants working from our offices around the world provide you with quality service, security, and cost savings.




Titan Data Group has been responsible for architecting and implementing some of the largest and most complex integration and middleware solutions across the country. We are data experts who understand the integration issues companies face when implementing a middleware solution.

Over the past decade, we have realized that our involvement with data integration and data analytics has been our engine for success, where we have developed the following specialties:

Multi-industry experience: We have multi-version expertise in middleware solutions

Multi-year experienced team: Over 25 large projects and over 100 years of on-project experience.

Re-usable frameworks: Our team brings a pedigree of global implementation and repeatable frameworks to accelerate time-to-market.

Middleware-focused: We understand data integration issues across paradigms - cloud, on-premise, client-servers - and are experts at it.

Titan Data focuses on data integration, middleware, analytics, and insight-driven business services delivery. Today, Titan Data is uniquely positioned to help our customers. We pride ourselves in:


Our Team

Led by a world-class management team, our integration and middleware practice is comprised of some of the best business technology minds in the industry. We have experience in multiple industries across multiple platforms and understand the complexities that companies face in integrating disparate systems. Be it ERP, legacy, client-server, home-grown applications, or new leading-edge technologies, we implement highly flexible solutions focused on providing a positive return on investment.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to always be flexible and tailor our solutions/delivery to meet the unique needs of each client. Be it a project-based engagement, hourly rate assignments, establishment of an on-going extension of your team, a combination of these, or something completely new, we will work with you the way you want to work with us.

Our Process

We are a process-driven and results-oriented organization. We have incorporated a continual process improvement and knowledge transfer methodology to support our clients through group ideation/solutioning. Sharing unique client solutions and experiences enables our customers to leverage the knowledge of our entire organization.

Our Center of Excellence

Our team has over 100 years of on-project experience in the integration and middleware space. Through our Center of Excellence, we have developed industry-specific and generic intellectual property with reusable frameworks, design patterns, and other value-added methods and components, accelerating time-to-market by up to 30%.



Titan Data Group is comprised of data experts who architect and implement the largest and most complex middleware solutions and integrations across the country.


Titan Data is a fast-growing company that delivers exceptional IT solutions and expert services in the fields of Digital Product Innovation, Big Data Analytics, and Middleware Integration.


We at Titan Data are highly available and very empathetic.




Explore career opportunities with a company that is focused on innovation and creating value for its customers.

With over $400B to spend in annual IT, the US Government is the largest IT services buyer in the world. Federal, State, and Local agencies are always seeking ways to improve their processes, technologies, and services.

How would you like to work on cutting-edge programs and deliver solutions that could meaningfully impact millions of users? How would you like to envision, architect, and drive large projects that can influence the way people live, work, and grow?

Sounds exciting? It is! Titan Data is a high­ growth company engaged in challenging problem-spaces with significant reach and impact.

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