Global Delivery

Expand your business globally.

Our Global Development centers with high quality development talent in multiple time-zones enables 24x7 productivity with attractive cost-structure for unparelled value and quality of work.

Titan Data’s outsourcing services can help accelerate the growth of your business by enabling you to leveraging our offshore expertise to offset and augment your company’s capability gaps—such as Product Engineering and IT solutions.

Our Global Delivery Solution


Titan Data is a leader in providing IT solutions. To help you focus on your core business offerings, you can outsource the rest to us and ensure that you’ll get exceptional services in:


Product Engineering Innovation

Transfer data from old or legacy systems to new software systems.

Big Data and Analytics

Enable information sharing between your front and back office applications.


Integrate new web applications with legacy on-premises applications.


Business Benefits


Our Global Services enables you to:


Focus on your business core offerings and competitive advantages.

Outsource your local and global IT needs.

Fill your skills and staffing gaps to take on larger projects.

Get quality and cost advantages for your company.