Data Science As A Service

Titan Data’s “Data-Science-As-A-Service” allows businesses to leverage our team of data experts
and data scientists to unlock hidden value from their data using infused Data Science and Ma-
chine Learning technology solutions.

What We Do


Chatbots & Conversational UI

Bringing revitalization and value
to Customer Support and
Business Processes through
smarter bots.

Machine Learning & Data Science

Our Machine Learning team is
highly experienced in different
domains and brings a strong set
of capabilities to the table.

IoT Integration

We can implement and
synchronize Cognitive Analytics
and integrate the IoT to Universal
Devices using BOTs

Business Process Modeling

Using Advanced Analytics, our
data experts and data scientists
can offer implementable Business
Process Models from the Data
Lake for higher business ROI


How we do it


We have a team of Machine Learning and NLP Programmers, Data Scientists, Data Experts and Conversational UI Bot Builders who work diligently towards offering you the services your enterprise needs.

We leverage the following relationships to deliver solutions to key business problems:

Use Cases:


We are focused in the Midwest region and we envision Minneapolis to be the startup capital of the Midwest by the year 2020.

Supply chain and Manufacturing

Using robust Machine Learning and Data Analytics to support:

  • Inventory Forecasting & Optimization

  • Vendor Management


Machine learning is being widely adopted in the marketplace to service:

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Products and Orders

  • Supply chain and Procurement


Use Chat bots to reduce call center overheads and improve customer footprint in:

  • Help Desk

  • Booking and Cancellation modules

  • Cross sell services

  • Customer Analytics

Financial Services

Personal banker bot can help organize, search, through accounts and help business access customer data to target the right customer.

  • Help Desk

  • Loan Assessment

  • Personal Banking

  • Customer Analytics